How to Picnic Games for Children

At the point when the climate is charming, a great deal of children need to make a beeline for play recreations. While sorting out a cookout, recreations are the most ideal approach to keep kids drew in and engaged. Here are some fun diversions that your children will appreciate playing. They will require a grown-up’s help with every one of them.

Shaving Cream Beard Relay Race: Make an adult the ‘beard maker’ and divide the kids in 2-4 teams. Ask the children to line up and run one at a time to the beard maker so that he decorates their face with whipped cream or shaving cream and creates a beard. The team which has the most beards in the least amount of time, wins.

Potato Sack Relay Race: You need some potato sacks for this. Divide the children into 3-4 teams. Mark the boundaries of the race. Ask the children to step in the potato sacks and hop their way to the next boundary. The child should then hand the sack over to the next team member, and this child will hop to the next boundary. The fastest team wins.

Mummy Contest: Take some toilet paper with you. Make teams. Ask one of the kids to be the mummy, while the rest wrap the toilet paper around him/her.

Water Balloon Toss Game: Fill some balloons with water. Make teams of 2 members each. Ask each team to stand very close, with the team members facing each other. Now, ask them to throw balloon back and forth to each other, every time taking a step backwards. The farther they go, the frequency of catching the balloon decreases, resulting in the balloon bursting. The last team to still have a balloon wins.

Capture the Flag: Divide the kids into 2 teams. Place 2 flags on opposite sides of a lawn. Each flag represents a team. The goal is to capture the opposite team’s flag without being tagged. If any member gets tagged then he/she must go to ‘jail’ until the game ends. The first team to capture the flag wins.

Watermelon Roll Relay Race: Just like the potato sack relay race, divide the kids into teams and mark the boundaries. Ask the children to roll watermelons back and forth between the boundaries. The team that finishes first wins.

Backyard Nature Photo Scavenger Hunt: You’ll need digital or disposable cameras and a timer. Divide the kids into teams. Hand each team a list of things; for instance, you could list a flower, an insect, a tree, a pet etc. Choose things that you would find in the area. Ask the kids to click photos of the things on the list. The team with maximum number of photos in the minimum amount of time, wins.

Three Legged Race: Ask kids to choose a partner of the same height. Tie one of their legs together and ask them to race. The team that reaches the finish line first, wins.

Egg Race Relay: You’ll need eggs and spoons. Each team member should successfully travel back and forth within the boundaries with an egg in a spoon. If he/she breaks the egg, he/she has to start all over again. You can use a fake egg for this one.

Red Light/Green Light: This one doesn’t require any equipment. Make the children run, hop, or dance when you say ‘green light’ and tell them to stop as soon as you say ‘red light’.

Always consider the kids’ ages when picking the games. Other simple games would be face painting, frisbee throwing, badminton, volleyball, baseball, and softball.