Trip to Do on Bora Bora Island

unduhan-14Bora without a doubt is the honeymooning capital of the world, and in light of current circumstances. The immaculate, blue waters of the tidal pond, the white sand shorelines, alongside the sunny tropical climate make it a de-focusing on goal like no other.

Bora Bora does remind you of Oz in so many ways, when you see the most amazing shades of blue in the ocean, lined by the sparkling white sand, the bright hues of the tropical flowers, and the hulking presence of Mount Otemanu dominating the landscape.

Yes, you definitely are in paradise. Now, most of us may not want to do anything more than laze on the shore, sip a watermelon sangria, and soak in the marvelous sunshine. But for those of you looking for something beyond being a total slob, here’s a list.

10 Awesome Things to Do in Bora Bora

Try snorkeling

We’ve got to begin with the obvious, and that’s snorkeling, of course! It seems as if Bora Bora’s lagoons are made for snorkeling, with its perfectly warm water, and a plethora of sea dwellers to find. So, from butterflyfish to manta rays to parrotfish swimming among the delicately colored corals, you’ll find it all beneath the ocean’s surface right here. The best spot for snorkeling would be Anau, where the manta rays promise a spectacular show.

Meet the sharks

Yes, another obvious option makes a beeline. But seriously, can you escape the lure of the sea when you’re on an island as beautiful as this? For those interested in diving, awesome thrills await in the form of lemon sharks, blacktip reef sharks, and grey reef sharks. Diving off the coast of Bora Bora even suits beginners, owing to the clear and shallow waters of the lagoon. Head to any of the island’s diving centers to find instructors and equipment, and go straight for the dip.

Go jet-skiing

Adrenalin junkies will enjoy a superb jet-ski ride on the inner lagoons. Amazingly fast, these skis let you zoom over the waves with the cool water splashing all over, complete with wind-in-the-hair thrills.

Get high (up there)

For those of you dreading the creepy crawlies that inhabit the sea, parasailing is the perfect option. This is where you get to parachute over the ocean, gazing at the unending stretch of the water way below you. It is a dream-like thrill, especially towards the evening, as the sky gets a flaming glow, contrasting with the deep blue of the water. This is the best seat in the house, and you don’t get a drop of water on you!

Take a hike

Well, if you thought Bora Bora was all sun, sea, surf, and sand, you couldn’t be more wrong. Mt. Otemanu, along with Mt. Paihia are the island’s highest points, and a hike to these summits is an experience worth a million bucks. The hike is reportedly arduous and treacherous, so going along with a guide is definitely recommended. If you don’t fancy a hike, just take a walk along the easier pathways, as you observe the island’s greenery. As the mesmerizing ocean comes into view, you’re left dazzled to discover the many shades of turquoise you didn’t even know existed.

Enjoy a fantastic spread

A meal at Bloody Mary’s? You betcha! This restaurant is royalty in Bora Bora, so a visit is definitely in order. This is a place where the day’s catch is what’s for dinner, so there isn’t a formal menu to speak of. But the food is delicious, and so is the ambiance. Other gems in Bora Bora include the fancy Le Matira Beach Restaurant and the Aloe Cafe, for those with a sweet tooth. The local cuisine is an amazing confluence of Polynesian and French styles, which makes for some delicious meals indeed.

Hit the beach

You’re never too far from the sea when you’re in Bora Bora. And at most times, the seaside here is deserted, pristine, and inviting. So take a jog on the coast, or simply walk along, or just sink your bare toes in the soft sand; there is so much you can do when you’re by the sea.

Get a spa-licious massage

A seaweed massage may not mean a lot when we get one back home. But here, in any of Bora Bora’s seaside spas, it’s like you get transported to a whole new world to get that rejuvenated boost. Works wonders, and you’ll know it when you’ll get it done.

Stay in a hammock

All. Day. Long. Well, a racy paperback will provide excellent company, as will a cool cocktail.
Pay an ode to romance

Doesn’t matter if you’re here on a romantic trip or not, enjoying a gorgeous sunset is on everyone’s agenda. It may not be as dramatic as the one pictured here, but it’s sure to be amazing nevertheless.

The sun never sets on awesomeness here in Bora Bora, so if you’ve done something that’s not on this list, do drop a line to let us know. Until then, soak in the sunshine!

Tips Before You Plan a Round-the-world Trip

Going on a round-the-world (RTW) visit is something that every last voyaging devotee seeks of doing some time or another or the other. Circumnavigating the earth in one go is a genuinely entrancing background and gives the explorer a feeling of accomplishment and pride. The very sentiment having seen and encountered the temperaments and fancies of the world is enormously fulfilling and afterward, one can gladly tell individuals that he/she has “seen the world”. In any case, arranging such a long outing can appear to be energizing and overpowering, both in the meantime. While on one side, the voyager feels an adrenaline surge, he/she may likewise be confounded about the way in which the trek ought to be arranged, and what all may go into the arranging procedure. While you are amped up for your up and coming RTW trip, we have arranged an arrangement of some imperative tips, which will arrange your visit suitably.

Planning a World Tour

As amazing an experience it can be, planning a RTW trip, owing to the fact that it involves a large number of places in different countries and continents, can be an extremely tedious, and at times, a confusing process. While people rarely embark on such journeys on their own, it is more advisable to hire an experienced and a reputed tour operator who can help you out, especially with your visa and entry requirements. Here’s how you can go about planning your tour.

Booking Air Tickets

► A RTW tour is obviously going to be more expensive than a trip to a particular country or region. Owing to this, it is very important that you start thinking of saving money right from the very first stage of booking airline tickets.

► While your tour operator will be able to give the best possible deals, the real catch will be when you intend to travel independently. Your best resource then would be the Internet; however, asking people who have been on a world tour in the past (if you know any) is a great idea.

► Even while booking tickets on the Internet, do it via reputed websites such as Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, and so on. Do not get too excited if you think you have found a cheap deal on one website. Compare prices with other websites, and only then choose the deal which best suits your needs.
Note: Do not forget to check for any sort of hidden costs/surcharges/extra taxes. These might later cost you a hefty sum of money.

► Many airlines around the world have alliances that offer round-the-world tour tickets at cheaper prices. This is, by far, the most economical way to take the world tour, wherein you purchase only one RTW ticket and travel by a single airline alliance. For instance, the Star Alliance involves 27 different airlines throughout the world, which fly to 185 countries and about 1185 airports. So, if you book with Star Alliance, your RTW ticket will come with a maximum of 15 stops.
Note: While booking with an airline alliance is the most economical way to travel around the world, there are certain rules that you will need to follow. For one, you will have to start and end your trip in the same country. Moreover, you will have to follow only one global direction (east to west or vice versa); if you happen to change the direction in the middle of your trip, your ticket will be automatically canceled. Also, all your flights must be booked well before the day of departure.

Duration of the Trip
► It really depends on you as to how long you intend to stretch your trip. It is always better to have a little flexibility with regards to your tour’s overall duration, considering things such as flight delays/cancellations, natural calamities, etc.

► Ideally, the total validity of your RTW ticket lasts from ten days to one year. So, depending on the time at your disposal, you can either rush through your itinerary or take your own sweet time to explore each and every destination.
Note: It is always better to discuss this aspect with your tour operator who will be able to design a feasible itinerary for you, in accordance to the amount of time you may have.

When to Go

► Your main consideration while planning a world tour should be the weather. Now again, because you will be traveling all around the world, you will be experiencing a different weather everywhere―favorable somewhere and unfavorable somewhere else. Don’t get confused by the situation.

► Figure out what you want to be the highlight of your trip. For instance, if you are interested more in snorkeling in Western Australia, see to it that you are there between the months of April and July, which are considered to be most favorable for the activity you are looking forward to. Similarly, if trekking the Himalayas interests you, ensure that you do not land up in India/Nepal during the monsoons.
Note: Narrowing down the list of your interests and then planning when to go will take you to your favored location(s) at the right time; however, you might also land on the other locations during the off-season. This can sometimes be a blessing in disguise as you might reap unexpected benefits in the off-season. For instance, you will be able to avoid large crowds of tourists, get cheaper hotel deals, and so on.

Planning an Itinerary

► While budget is a major issue while planning the overall RTW trip, it becomes more prominent when it comes to planning your itinerary. The reason for this is simple―the more elaborate your itinerary is, the more pricey your trip will be.

► If you are traveling on a tight budget, you can buy a basic RTW ticket, which will also be among the cheapest ones. It will include limited stops at a few big cities of the world, such as London, Paris, Los Angeles, Sydney, Beijing, etc. But then, your trip will be limited only to the cosmopolitan areas of different countries, and there won’t be any time to get the “real feel” of the world.

► If budget is not much of a constraint, you can add more destinations to your itinerary according to your choice; however, this will make the prices climb to a considerable extent.
Note: It is important to note that flying from point to point, even within the same country, will tilt your budget on the expensive side. So, consider traveling overland and by public transport, wherever possible.

► Again, if you are a budget traveler, plan your itinerary such that you can spend more time in countries which are relatively cheaper. For instance, consider spending more time in Southeast Asia, which is much less expensive than North America or Western Europe.

Note: Consult your tour operator regarding your total budget and your favored itinerary. He/she will be able to pick appropriately from the list of your favored destinations, according to your overall budget.

Where to Stay
► If you are traveling with a tour operator (and book an all-inclusive tour), your accommodation will be a part of your travel package, and therefore, will be automatically taken care of.
► If you are traveling independently, you will have to book your own accommodations. Ensure that you book well in advance.
► Travelers for whom budget is not an issue may book wherever they want. In fact, it will be a good idea to try out something new, like staying in a B&B instead of a hotel, etc. While this may or may not save money, it will be a nice, different experience.
► For people traveling on a fixed budget, there are a number of cheap accommodation options available in different parts of the world. They range from hostels, to guest houses, to motels, and so on.
► If you are arriving at some place in an off-season, the hotel rates will be low. Check with some good hotels, and you may actually end up enjoying lavish amenities at a cheaper rates.
► If certain off-beat locations are on your itinerary and you intend to spend a night there, there might not be many accommodation options available. In such cases, you may have to pay extravagant prices for really low-grade accommodations, especially in the absence of any other choice.
Note: No matter where you stay, do not ignore the safety aspect. The country and the place might be completely new for you, so inquire properly before you book an accommodation.

Packing Tips
► Travel as light as possible. Take only those items which are absolutely necessary and which you cannot do without. Leave out all the other unnecessary items, especially those which are available all across the world.

► Take all your necessary medicines, along with your doctor’s prescription. Also, carry documented proof of all the immunization shots you take before embarking on your journey.

► Do not unnecessarily carry more clothes, as you will be already carrying warm clothes, rainy gear, etc., which will add to the total volume of your luggage. Use laundry facilities wherever possible.

► Carry an extra pair of shoes, travel-sized toiletry bottles, mosquito repellents (depending on your itinerary), and so on.

► Carry all your travel documents including passports, visas, travel insurance papers, International Driving Permit, and so on. It is a good idea to keep the photocopies of these documents with you as well.

Cruising the World
Instead of an air travel, you can also opt for cruising around the world. While cruises are becoming popular ways of touring the world, you will then be able to take stops at some of the world’s major and most beautiful ports. The point to consider, however, is that because sailing is slower than flying, round-the-world cruises often take more time to reach from one port to the other. Nevertheless, if you love sailing and are ready to spend more time on sea, cruise around the world, and you’ll never forget the experience!
So, embark on a journey to circumnavigate the world, and make your dream come true!

Places in the World to Watch the Sunset and Soothe Your Soul Ideas

Indeed, dusks are intended to be seen that is the reason, not at all like dawns, they are at night. Nightfall! Do you have an exceptional spot set apart for this reason or would you say you are still looking for the best place to watch nightfall? Give us a chance to have a significance of best places on the planet to watch dusk from, in this post.

Nature has created such wonders that keep reminding human beings that man can develop as many new technologies as he can but, the best and the real art of creating wonders is still and will always be with nature itself. Sunset is one such beautiful creation. Everyone of us have special feelings associated with sunset. We all connect with it in unique ways.

Sunset point is a highly romantic place for couples, on the other hand some feel saddened while watching it. But, arising of sad feelings associated with sunset in one, is a rare case. Generally, sunset can be best viewed from a beach. Maybe you like to observe it from other places, like mountains, historical places, from amongst the trees in a forest or even from the top of the sky-scrapers. Here are a few places short-listed for you to enjoy the sunset view, take a look at them.

Best Sunset Points

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Grand Canyon, Arizona is one of the seven wonders of the world. It is famous not only for its size, but also for the beautiful scenic views it offers. The views are so wonderful that they can leave you possessed for days. The month of May and October are the driest amongst all and are best to visit Grand Canyon. Three fantastic scenic view points are developed on the North Rim namely Cape Royal, Point Imperial and Point Sublime. The sunsets from these points are spectacular to watch. It is the time when the Grand Canyon shows the depth of nature’s beauty. Many people stand on the rim with their hands in the air, as if to offer a solemn salute to nature and surrendering to the ultimate power of Grand Canyon maker. These actions give a spiritual touch to the visit and make the Grand Canyon stand apart from other sunset spots.

Taj Mahal, India

The term Taj refers to the crown and Taj Mahal signifies it as the crowning glory of all the man-made structures. It is the exuberant monument of love and beauty. It is one of the seven wonders of the world and most visited places in Agra, India. It is also the most photographed monument. The movement of the Sun from east to west has several light effects on the Taj Mahal. It blushes in the rosy glow of the dawn and it appears pinkish orange in the dusk. But, the most breathtaking view of Taj is from an octagonal tower of the Red Fort across the river Jamuna.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is the mother city of South Africa. It is located at the southern tip of the African continent. One of the best views of sunset in Cape Town is from the Table Mountain Silhouette. Table Mountain is one of the famous places to visit in Cape Town. The highest point of this range is Maclears Beacon. It is around 1,087m high. At the time of sunset, the viewer standing inland can experience the African landscape becoming golden. Also the sunset from the Dolphin beach in Blouberg gives you an opportunity to have an awesome view of the Table Mountain.
Silhouette of Buildings at Water Front, Singapore

The extravagant Twin Towers offer an awesome view of the vibrant city. It is situated in the heart of Singapore’s financial center. The architectural credit of silhouette of buildings goes to Carlos Otts. It is the perfect location for the people who want to enjoy life to the fullest as it offers a spectacular view of sunset.

Another best place to watch sunset, in Singapore, is the Sentosa Island. Out of the 63 islands, Sentosa Island is the 5th largest island located in Singapore. The name of the Island comes from the terms peace and quiet in Malaya dialect. On the contrary, in the past it was referred to as the Death Island. No one knows the exact reason behind it but, it was probably related to the pirates that sailed around. The sunset views from the beaches here will make you feel breathless for sure.

Santorini, Greece

Beaches are the perfect places to watch sunset. It offers you a look of the never ending sky, filled with extravagant shades of colors with the setting Sun showing its grandeur. Santorini Beaches possess typical beach characteristics of long stretches of black sand and small black pebbles. It is a unique feature for a beach to have and it is because of the volcanic origin of the island.

Other Greek islands like Naxos, Los and Mykonos have golden sand beaches. All the beaches are surrounded by spectacular rock arrangements. The Perissa and Kamari beaches are most famous beaches located in the eastern part of the Greece. Apart from these, there are two more interesting beaches, one is called Kokinni Ammos and the other is Aspri Ammos. Kokinni means red in Greek which complements the sand on this beach which is reddish in color, whereas Aspri means white and there are white cliffs from where you get the beach view. They are also called Red Beach and White Beach and are adjacent to each other.
Sunset! Though it is a daily happening, it looks different from every place on each day. Watching it gives so deep a pleasure that is not easily definable. Every one cherishes the sweet memories of such moments and steals a smile from them when the going is tough. I am sure, the above article will tempt you to visit a sunset point.

Tips Places to Go Deep Sea Fishing

Remote ocean angling is done in a detect that has a water profundity of no less than 30 meters. Here, we surrender you a round of a portion of the best places to dive deep ocean calculating.

Let’s begin with a good deed!
Although deep sea fishing can be an absolute thrill, do spare a thought for slow-reproducing species like sharks. Instead of going for the kill, you’d rather follow the catch and release method, and do your bit for these gorgeous sea creatures.
Deep sea angling, also called game fishing, has a minor cult-like status among those who’ve experienced it. To be in the middle of the deep sea, right among feared creatures, like sharks and whales, is itself a thrilling experience indeed.

As exciting as it may sound, you can’t expect your maiden voyage to the deep seas to be solitary. There are several charters available at all of these destinations, with experienced crew members who will accompany you and help you learn the ropes.

Also, keep in mind to give the highest regard to environment preservation, and try not to place your personal safety on the line. Fighting or wrestling with enormous species, like sharks, requires experience and agility, so do not attempt to pitch in if you aren’t up to it. So, with all the safety warnings behind us, here are the best spots in the world for deep sea fishing.
10 Amazing Places to Go Deep Sea Fishing

Maui, Hawaii
Hawaii is where you come to enjoy the sun, sea, surf, and sand, so it isn’t to surprising to see Maui making it to the list. Marlin, sailfish, ahi (yellowfin tuna), and mahimahi are the fish that you should look to catch while you’re here.

Phuket, Thailand
It’s probably the world’s most famous beach town, so Phuket’s place on the list is unquestionable. Barracuda, giant trevally, mackerel, mangrove red snapper, queenfish, and sea bass await those who sail in the deep waters here.

Madeira, Portugal
Madeira’s location in the northern Atlantic is what makes it perfect for deep sea angling. Just take a look at what’s in store for you―bluefin tuna, white marlin, blue marlin, albacore, bigeye tuna, spearfish, and skipjack tuna, to be fished in perfect sub-tropical weather. Tempted, aren’t you?

Los Cabos, Mexico
Mexico is a hotbed for deep sea fishing, with the wahoo fish being a prized catch in the deep waters here. Fishing for the wahoo is on the to-do list of every thrill-seeking angler. While you’re here, you may also seek to catch some sailfish, marlin, tuna, bonito, and sharks.

Bodega Bay, California
California’s coastline does not need an introduction, so neither does Bodega Bay. The deep sea angling thrills here involve catching a massive king salmon fish, while you’re in the deep waters of the Pacific.

Alderney, Channel Islands
Alderney is quite close to the French coastline, and has quite the reputation for flat fish, along with turbot, brill, and undulate ray fish (an endangered species). You’ll also catch hold of some good quality wreckfish.

Victoria, Australia
The Australians are quite passionate about their seafood, as they are about angling. You know you’re about to have the time of your life when you look at the line up that includes bronze whalers, common threshers, hammerheads, gummy sharks, oceanic blue whalers, school sharks, shortfin makos, and dogfish sharks. All of which are to be fought and caught.

Florida is undoubtedly the deep sea fishing state of America, with the Key West gaining a special mention. Other avenues for game fishing in Florida include Miami, Daytona Beach, and Destin. You can expect to catch sailfish, tuna, wahoo, tarpon and snapper, especially while you’re sailing in the deep waters of the Keys.

Costa Rica
Limón, in eastern Costa Rica, is an amazing location to catch crevalle jack, mackerel, tarpon, and tripletail. The western side of Puntarenas, is where you’ll get the opportunity to wrestle with roosterfish, tuna, and wahoo.

St. Lucia
The Caribbean Sea is fantastic for deep sea angling, and you’re welcome to visit all year round. The species found off the coast of St. Lucia include blue and white marlin and sailfish, yellowfin tuna, dorado, barracuda, king mackerel, wahoo, and several more.

As far as fishing is concerned, nothing matters as long as you’re having fun. But when you are in the deep seas, do remember to follow all rules of safety, and respect the environment.